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Do You Know CD#3

We are the Band on the Stand

Welcome to Big James & the Chicago Playboys

Hello There...
First of all I'd like 2 say hello 2 every 1 who has accessed our
website and I want 2 give a personal Thank U 2 all! I'm glad U
took the time 2 check us out & see what we're about. This band
has really come a long way from when I first joined.

After Johnny Christian passed a lot of people thought The
Playboys were over. But Charlie & I made sure that never
happened. And after a few personnel changes Da' band
is as strong as ever and gettin' better. So if U get a chance and
we're N your area check out a Playboy Party, U won't B sorry.

Trombonically Yours,
Big James

If you don't know, now you know